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Welcome to the Mold Doctor, experts in mold removal and clean up, mold inspection and testing, and mold remediation, keeping the air you breathe and your home safe and free from toxins.

Whether you already own a home or are considering purchasing a new property in New Jersey, New York, or Pennsylvania, our mold inspection experts can assure you that the indoor environment where you and your family spend most of your time is safe, clean, and free from the danger of toxic mold.

Become thoroughly educated on the condition of your property and obtain solutions for any potential air quality problems you may face. Our well-trained, certified mold testing and removal professionals will investigate your indoor environment using a variety of certified testing methodologies and forensic lab analyses. When you work with Mold Doctor, our professional mold inspection reports provide comprehensive results and detailed recommendations on how to eliminate hazardous mold growth in your home, and take preventive measures to cleanup and remove mold and keep problems from recurring. We offer professional certified mold clean up expert service to guarantee your home is safe and free of toxic material.

During the indoor air assessment, our mold inspection experts will conduct a comprehensive study of your home that meets the highest standards of the industry—the Standards of Practice established by the American Indoor Air Quality Council (AIAQC).

The Mold Doctor Inspection Report - the gold standard for mold inspection reports -features a comprehensive evaluation of the home or building, a thorough walk-through, sampling of air, substance, or surface, and a complete report, including:

Lab analysis
Remediation steps, if necessary
Environmental guidelines
Digital photos
Exclusive 20 page Toxic Mold Report
Preventive maintenance measures and recommendations

Our well-trained, professional mold removal experts, will clean your house and certifed that it is free of toxic material.

For a free consultation please contact our mold inspection and removal company at 1-888-665-3567.

Mold Doctor is a leading mold inspection, testing, removal and cleanup company serving New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. We provide full certified service of mold removal and clean up for residential and commercial properties in the Tri-State area.